About Me

My name is Julie. I’m an semi-ordinary girl who has lived a bit of an un-ordinary life. Thrown a few curveballs as a small child has left me a bit a fucked-up, and along with being ‘on the spectrum’ this leaves me with a rather unique view on life. People have learnt to live around me with signs and special explanations about things just so I get it.


I figured it was time to start putting some of the crazy stuff that goes through my head down on digital media. I’m trying to embrace the future a bit more. I’m a little bit old school. My boyfriend teases me that I still have physical media at home, i.e. books, DVDs and CDs. Since we both work in the technology industry and most of all that has moved away into online cloud storage and streaming media, he looks at my attempt to hold onto the past as a little bit quaint. I have a collection of over 300 physical books, and it’s not stopping there. I just see books and have to buy them. I may have a problem. I’m starting to get behind on the actual reading of them, but it doesn’t stop me buying more. I think there’s a word for it somewhere, and I’m sure there are others out there like me, so I’m not really worried.

I live with my cat, who thinks he’s a dog. He keeps me sane. Except when he doesn’t. There are times he drives me a little crazy. He likes to go for walks, car rides, visiting new places, seeing new people, and also loves chewing on my hand and drinking from the toilet. See? Dog. He doesn’t even meow properly. It’s more like a chirp. I guess it makes sense that I don’t even have a normal cat. He also likes humping unicorns. Go figure.